Be the fiercest you can be!

Hi there!

First, I would like to welcome you to my space! I’ve been reading several lifestyle feeds and had been struggling to find an article that would suit the style of a guy with a bigger body type (I mean, I love reading fashion posts but the size “small” really doesn’t fit me). This is the reason why I decided to create this blog to help guys (girls and in between) out there to be the BE FIERCEST THEY CAN BE! I know the tag line doesn’t sound as “manly” as it should, but hey, you could be fierce in a manly kind of way!

I hope this blog could also open doors for collaboration with people with ideas that could help others.

Join me in this journey and let’s help create a community that would spread good vibes and love to the universe!


P.S. I’ll be posting my first blog entry about facial products for men that I’ve used in the past.


Love and Regards,

The Purple Bear






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