My Top 5 Facial Product Picks That Every Modern Guy Should Have!

Choosing the right facial product for guys is a real pain in the a**! Some are too oily, some are too dry, and some just doesn’t work! Believe it or not, nowadays guys tend to be more watchful on how they look when they present themselves to others. Gone are the days of the “Raw Macho” manly-contraction-sweaty look; guys face the path of a more cleaner, Selfie-ready, look.

Personally, I have an oily skin paired with a very acidic sweat Ph level. That’s the reason why I always find it hard to choose the right product to use on my face.

(Disclaimer: Some of the products here are intended to be used by ladies. But hey! It worked for me, so might as well give it a shot!)

These products didn’t only made me look Dapper but also made me feel extra in so many different levels! Let’s give it a go!

1. The Etude House Moistfull cl90 first essence.


This product is AMAZING in bringing that dewey radiance in your skin! Etude House sure brought the house down with this product. I initially had my hands in trying this out when I was in Tokyo for a vacation. Since I was there around late November, it was chilly as hell and my skin was starting to dry out and chap. The cl90 is a moisturizer incorporated with collagen that leaves your skin looking and feeling hydrated. What I normally do is before I put any powder on, I smear this on my face. Let it dry then go on with using a powder. You could also use the product on its own. (works on any procedure you choose). Although it’s a Korean made product, it’s main target users are from Japan. You may find it hard to look for it in Korea (Or in the Philippines) but you always have the option to order it online. (Usually ranges from 13-18$ a piece)

2. The Golden Shop’s Gold Premium Repair Toner.

the golden shop

Have you tried using gold as a toner? Well, if you want to experience how ancient pharaohs adorn their skin with gold then this is the right product for you! This product is a powerhouse when it comes to making you glowing and youthful! The package comes with a 120ml bottle of amazingness that could be used for up to 3 years with potency results ranging from 1 to 1 and a half years after opening. The Gold Premium Repair Toner has whitening, moisturising, and concealing abilities. In addition, it could also soften fine lines and detoxify your skin! Isn’t that great! For a humid country like the Philippines, developing fine lines is inevitable. By the use of this product we could seal in  our youthful glow and just go on like normal.

Like with the cl90, I’ve also had the chance to use this product in Tokyo. I usually use this after taking a bath or after washing my face as a normal toner. It contains a gel-like liquid with gold flakes in it. You know the feeling of using egg whites as facial mask? This has a subtle resemblance to that! Overall, I think this product is very essential (at least for me). The best part of this, for those living in the Philippines, it’s available in Greenhills!

3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser.


This product doesn’t really need an introduction. Any cosmopolitan man would attest to the wonders of Cetaphil. It doesn’t only leave your skin squeaky clean, but it also helps moisturize it! This product removes dirty debris that could clog up your skin, it also removes excess oils, and leave you looking like your always fresh out of the shower. I use this to wash and clean my face then go on with the day.

4. Master Oil Control Max Facial Scrub.


The Master Oil Control Max is one of the most popular facial products for men in the Philippines. I mean, you could find it everywhere! Even the sari-sari  stores has this! As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have a very oily skin. While those mentioned products above has moisturizing abilities, this product could help control oiliness to achieve that subtle hint of having a dewy-like appearance. Look at it this way, If you have oily skin and you use moisturizing products it would leave your skin looking soaked with grease. But if you wash your face with oil control solution, it wouldn’t only help you clean your face with excess oil it would also help you control it. I understand that our body produces bodily oils throughout the day but it wouldn’t be as much as we wanted it to be. The Master Oil Control Max would help you achieve that! Paired with the right moisturizer (ehem, see above), you could achieve that glowing, clean, and fresh skin that you’ve always wanted.

5. The Nivea MEN Oil Control Facial Wash.


If you manage to buy a decent facial scrub, then a good facial wash should be hand-in-hand with it. Scrubbing your face with a facial scrub solution should be done twice or thrice a week only to prevent over scrubbing of your skin. Good thing we have a wide array of facial wash that we could use to the clean our face on a daily basis. The Nivea Men oil control facial wash does this job perfectly! It doesn’t only clean your face, it also removes excessive oil and buildup, it also whitens your skin 10 times the power of a regular whitening facial wash! Oil buildup is one of the problems of men today, especially here in the Philippines where it’s humid. From what I’ve noticed form this product, it has a soothing effect where you feel like your skin is constantly having a facial treatment. I mean, it feels and looks clean but it has something more to it (Or maybe I’m just imagining things haha). But on a serious note, this product is a total must have for everyday use.

These are just my preference when it comes to facial products. It worked for me and it could work for you too! I’m not imposing that the general population could use these since we have different skin types but it would be worth the try.

If you have any suggestions or other products that you might want to suggest, you can comment down below. Until next time!

Credits to the owners of the pictures.


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