The 7 Deadly Sins When Picking The Right Outfit: For The “Beefy” Men.

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Before we start I just wanna clear out some things. What does Beefyeven mean? Beefy is a term I always use for guys who has a bigger size. You can call them “plus-size”, but I prefer using beefy instead.

As hard as explaining what beefy means, it’s harder to choose the right outfit for bigger guys like me. Usually it doesn’t fit or the right cut is not available. Given these concerns, I still see guys who take the risk and wear whatever they find in their closets. Like girls have their “Deadly Sins” for choosing the right outfit, we guys have it too but it’s a whole different story with beefy men. With this being said, I’ve come up with the 7 deadliest sins men of a larger size commit when choosing their outfits.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that this list contains a generalized information for all guys out there. These are from my own observations and opinions about the topic. There might be similar lists out there, but I think, everyone has their own experiences and observations.

1. The “Overprint”.

Having a printed shirt is ok, but having it extra extra large and loud is too much! Our main goal when wearing prints is to distract other people’s eyes from the things that we need to hide and not point every arrow at it. Men nowadays, since overly great prints are in trend, they tend to put that in and go on their normal lives like nothing’s shouting ‘Hello world!’ on their shirts or polo’s.

What we’re aiming here is to harmonize the overall look to make everything seem fluid and connected. If you’re wearing a shirt with an oversized print at the center, it would cut the lines coming from your arms, neck and waist making a stop and would eventually make the center portion of your body more rounded looking. If you really opt wearing prints, you can make it small and use as an accent to your shirt or polo. It could be a pocket design or a small print around the chest area to make it seem that your chest area is elevated compared to the belly area.

2. The “Rainbow Palette” Situation.

Color is good, seriously, color is great way to show how you’re feeling in terms of choosing your outfit; splashing them all together in one outfit is a whole different story! Now, don’t get me started on the the “Neon” variants. But man, keep it together!

I usually see larger guys wear different colors in one ensemble. There was this one time I was at the mall, I saw this guy wear a pastel blue round neck shirt, topped with a checkered open button polo shirt, wine red pants, and purple high cut shoes. I mean, you’re kidding right? Say it with me! CHOICES! can’t you just choose one or two colors? If you’re a petite guy maybe this would’ve worked and you could pull it of by being cute and all but if you’re a larger type of guy, then you should rethink you’re life choices.

What we’re aiming here, like what I’ve said earlier is to create fluidity and cohesiveness with our look. We can’t be going Picasso with our outfits. Try monocromizing  your look; if you choose a color, try to stick with the same family shade. Dark colored pieces are always, I repeat, always the right choice. It doesn’t only bind the look together but it would make you smaller and leaner by creating an illusion that your whole outfit is one cohesive unit.

3. The “Round Neck” Monster.

The round neck shirt is one of the most staple pieces a guy should have. May it a plain white T or just a normal shirt. But if you’re a man of a larger built, usually our necks are smaller than usual due to the build-up of manliness and our endless love for food (guilty!). There’s actually nothing wrong with wearing these kinds of shirts it’s just that it tends to accentuate the fact that our heads are like glued to our torso.

To avoid this “no neck” situation, beefy guys could opt to wear V-neck shirts instead of the round neck shirts. What this does is create an illusion of an elongated connection between your head and torso by exposing part of your chest area making it seem like you genuinely have a neck hiding somewhere there. I repeat, there’s nothing wrong with wearing round neck shirts, but it would be better to wear V-necks the next time you go out plain.

4. Going Full Table Cloth Couture!

Like what we’ve talked about earlier, large prints are somewhat not going too well with our body type. This goes with table cloth like prints and fabrics (checkered/plaid and many more repetitive prints). If you’re main goal is to look like a walking table then I don’t have nothing against it! I’m with you all the way! But if you don’t then we need to talk. Again, there’s nothing wrong with going full print and design with your outfit but limit it one piece at a time!

if you’ll be telling me that an entire ensemble that’s with print falls into the category of a cohesive look, you’re probable right. But think of it as making you look like someone got tired of putting different cool pieces together and just let you wear an overall. Wearing these kinds of pieces is not at all wrong, you just have to choose one piece at a time then let the other’s be in a solid color scheme. Example, wear a checkered polo shirt on top of a black shirt paired with ash grey pants. I mean, you wouldn’t only look clean but more importantly you’d look organized and together.

5. The Oversized Mess!

The fit of your outfit always matter! If you’re thinking that wearing larger clothes than your size makes it OK, then you’ve got it all messed up! Look at it this way, imagine a baby wear his dad’s shirt. What do you think the baby would look like? The baby would look cute (of course!), but it would seem like a mess. It also applies to you as an adult man! I mean, wearing overly sized shirts, pants and pieces doesn’t make any sense! Not at all! I mean it!

Our aim is to show everyone our real body metrics not trick them to think that you’re smaller because you’re wearing a larger outfit. If you’re a size large, then go for large. If you’re an extra large kinda guy, then go for extra large. The sizes goes on and on, but the point here is choose the right size that fits you the most and not opt for a size double your current size.

6. The Brotherhood Of The Skinny and Oversized Pants!

Like choosing the right fit of top garments, choosing the right fit for your pants is also crucial. Baggy and saggy pants are a thing of the past; we need to level up our fashion game by choosing the right pair of pants that would suit our body type. I’ve seen some larger guys opt for the skinnier type of jeans rather than wearing snug fit pants. Whatever the body type you have, whether it be oval, rectangle, or reverse triangle, skinny jeans would be a pair that we would need to think twice before wearing or purchasing them.

Usually, beefier type of guys have a larger upper portion and a smaller lower portion. If you wear skinny jeans it make you seem that the lower portion of your body is waaaaaayyy smaller that what they really be. Honestly, you would look like a lollipop. To put a solution to this, we could try to wear straight cut jeans. Straight cut jeans, from my experience, creates an illusion that would make your legs proportion to your lower extremities without moving away to the coordinates of your upper body. If you could find your proper waistline then you can start fitting from there and go along with choosing a pair of paints that would perfectly fit you.

7. Cuff and Cuff Until You Blow The House Down!

Cuffing the end of the pants and sleeves became a massive trend worldwide. It creates a clean laid back look that all guys raved about! But if you’re on the beefy side, you better have to think again. You see, we want to create a solid and fluid line that connects our body together. This is for the purpose of making us look together and smaller. If you cut those lines improperly, then we might create a different kind of outfit disaster.

I personally cuff my pants and sleeves thinking that I’m making a statement. But I noticed one time that I’m looking much shorter and wider as I should be. Then the next day, I tried not to cuff my pants and sleeves and I noticed that I my body seem elongated and stretched. It might just be an optical illusion but hey something really has changed!

There’s nothing wrong with cuffing your outfit but it would be best for us to just let everything flow.

These are just my own observation from the things I’ve tried to do and observed. When I changed how I dress, the people around me started notice the change as well and believe me it’s a good feeling when people start to notice how you carry yourself with the use of your clothes. There’s still a way on how we could enjoy fashion. These are only seven of the things that we could refer to. There are tons of suggestions you could find online that would help improve your way of dressing as well. You could opt to follow these steps or not; as long as you feel good about what you’re wearing then that’s perfectly fine.

Until next time! 🙂


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