April Fools’ Day: Survive A Prankster’s Prank!

It’s that time of the year again when all your Prankster friends come to life! From the pits of their mischievous lair, they’ll rise like a phoenix from the ashes; rest assured you’ll be one of their targets. But wouldn’t it be nice to counteract their pranks? It would sure break the balls out of them if you could do that! So, If you’re ready, let’s make those pranksters plead for a second chance!

Focus is the key to success!


In this time of the year, you need to stay focused at all times. You might not know when or where the next attack would be. If you listen to your senses, you would notice even the smallest movement and the softest sounds. It might seem “ninja” like, but you need to bring your inner Naruto to beat those guys up.

KYP: Know Your Prankster!

mischievous friends

I’m (100%) sure, there’s one (even 2) in your circle of friends that loves to prank the hell out of you. In order to be prepared for what’s coming, you need to make a list of the things your friend, or friends, is capable of doing. He may be good at acting, or doing special effects, etc. Even though a prankster has a lot of things up his or her sleeves, that person would still do the things that are more comfortable and fast to do since every prank should be spontaneous and should be done effortlessly.

Social Media Warning!

social media

The amazing internet could also provide clues on what the next prank would be! Popular social media celebrities would definitely post their pranks on social media (and those would be creative as well). Millennials nowadays would pattern their everyday lives through the pages of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. This includes you’re potential prankster! If you could spare some time browsing through social media posts, you would have an idea of the some of the popular pranks that could be potentially done to you!

Keeping your hands free!

hands free

Try keep your hands free when you’re with a potential prankster. Put your mobile phones where it’s secured, limit yourself from eating, or keep them wrapped around your body (for added security). Keeping your hands free would limit the extra hazard of throwing things away when you get scared or startled. It also makes sure that all you’re valuables are safe. You don’t want to purchase a new smartphone or a new tablet in May, right?

Firing back!


Firing back at them doesn’t mean you’re pranking them as well. We don’t mean it that way (We have class. Just Kidding!). The greatest “burn” moment for every prankster is when you won’t have any reaction at all! Since you always come in prepared for battle, you have a hint that’s somethings’ gonna happen. You’re pranksters would get energy and motivation from your priceless reactions and would potentially have a “Part II” of their pranking spree. Even though pranking them back would be a great idea, this would only spark a pranking battle (You wouldn’t want that!).

Pranking people, when done in moderation and with safety in mind, can be a great way to celebrate this month. I mean, don’t be a grumpy old man and be angry; just enjoy and have fun! Having that said, we also need to feel secure that we wouldn’t get a heart attack when someone pranks us so we also need to be prepared!

Happy and safe pranking! haha

Until Next Time!

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